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Nov 29


How HelloFresh empowers employee representation and participation

HelloFresh welcomes employee representation and participation concepts, and we want to provide classic as well as more modern avenues for employees to get involved in decision-making. By participating in sharing ideas and solving problems affecting the company and employee well-being, employees positively influence how we all work and interact together. 

So far, we have set up several participation formats that empower employees to give feedback and join communities with like-minded colleagues. Our 20,000+ employees worldwide have access to platforms that they can use to voice their ideas, opinions, insights, and experiences, thus leading to the steering of energy, creativity, and innovation that contribute to our unique working environment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committees

As a company that thrives on being diverse, we are continuously committed to celebrating diversity and inclusivity while considering our employees' unique perspectives. One of the ways we have implemented this is by setting up Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Committees in various markets globally. The committees are sponsored by senior leadership and composed of employees who oversee decision-making for our strategic DE&I initiatives. To date, we have established teams of dedicated committees in Berlin, the United Kingdom, and the Benelux region. Moreover, we hired DE&I managers in the United States (US) and our Berlin headquarters to drive DE&I efforts.

Employee Resource Groups - By employees, for employees 

HelloFresh supports employees in establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) of which several have been launched globally. The initiatives are voluntary, employee-led groups that empower colleagues with shared interests or backgrounds to come together and form bonds and communities. One of the highlights of the ERGs is the regular opportunity for members to attend workshops, training, networking events, and commemorate momentous occasions.

HelloFresh currently has thirteen international Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in Berlin, the United States (US), Canada, the Benelux, and the United Kingdom (UK). The ERGs in Berlin include FreshPride, the Gender Equality Team (GET), the Muslim Community Network, the Indian ERG and the Parents ERG with plans to incorporate similar ERGs in other regions or propose new ones that are not on the list in the future. 

FreshPride, the Gender Equality Team (GET) the Muslim Community Network, the Indian ERG and the Parents ERG are the five current Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at HelloFresh SE.

“What's cooking, HelloFresh?” - Employee communication and feedback

HelloFresh provides employees opportunities for open discourse and internal communication networks that facilitate two-way open communication and feedback. We administer regular surveys to collect feedback on the status quo and future developments of the company, e.g. on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and the physical workplace. A prominent example is the "What's cooking, HelloFresh?" quarterly employee engagement survey in the form of two alternating engagement checks for the global team in Berlin. These surveys provide feedback on critical factors of employee engagement, well-being, career and personal development, performance and productivity, company confidence, our leaders, relationship and collaboration, culture and communication, and lastly, DE&I. When employees vocalize their opinions, we can receive honest actionable feedback and gain new ideas on how to improve our company and the workspace.
By administering the surveys every quarter, we create ongoing engagement dialogue and enable timely, in-depth, and actionable insights. Employees are highly encouraged to participate in the anonymous surveys, though participation is voluntary. Overarching department results are shared with the teams who are then encouraged to convene and discuss the results and provide feedback which goes a long way in determining areas for improvement.

Each quarterly survey is also followed by our “Fresh Forum” focus group sessions in which employees and our people conduct a deep-dive into particular topics and how they can be improved.

Giving direct and anonymous feedback

Next to these institutionalized ways for employees to participate and be represented at HelloFresh, there is a broad range of informal ways to voice their opinions. Whenever we hold our quarterly All Hands meetings (AHM), for the whole HelloFresh Group or for individual locations and departments, there is the opportunity to ask direct questions to the leadership team during a Q&A session.

For those who prefer to remain anonymous, there is the “Speak up!” platform through which all of our employees as well as suppliers and business partners can voice their concerns which will be managed by a trained team of experts.

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